Tube Runner於1980年在英國牛津創立。我們在供應的專門技術及廣泛的機械和裝置的製造上擁有20年以上的經驗,也提供許多必要的配件:油、天然氣、動力裝置、鍋爐、精煉作業及更多相關產品。

我們提供廣泛範圍的高品質產品在製造業及修理熱交換器(Heat Exchangers)、鍋爐(Boilers)及冷凝器(Condensers)。包括擴管器(Tube Expanders)、擴展驅動器(Expander Drivers)、拔管器(Tube Pullers)及其他相關用品。



我們也有ISO 9000品質保證,使您可更加放心使用。

We have over 25 years of expertise in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of machines and equipment, servicing the demanding requirements of the oil, gas, power generation and refining industries.

We offer a comprehensive range of high quality products for use in the manufacture, reconditioning and refurbishment of heat exchangers, boilers, condensers and other refinery equipment. We stock such items as tube extraction equipment, tube expanders and expander drives.

We offer a wide range of pipe working tools, including bevelling and cutting machines for the preparation of pipe and tube for welding.
We also offer clamps, stands, flange spreaders and flange facers to assist in the assembly and maintenance of industrial pipe runs.
ISO 9001 registered, our products are designed and manufactured using quality materials to extract standards.

Here at Tube Runner we understand that no two jobs are the same, with this in mind we can offer a bespoke service to tailor products to meet your exact specifications and needs.